Black Out

Black on Black is pretty much my go-to when I'm in a rush. Simply because I know that it will always look good, assuming that my blacks are not faded. I always try to stay on top of keeping my blacks crisp and somewhat bright. I refrain from washing my black denim frequently because I don't want the dye to fade the wash of the jeans. Also, because washing denim is actually not good for it! An associate from Joe's Jeans actually stated that freezing your denim is the best way to "wash" it, if you will. The freezer can kill the germs that are residing on your denim. Freezing your denim also allows you to slip right back into your jeans, without the awkward first wiggle after you wash them! And you know exactly what I'm talking about. The squat, or one leg pull into your jeans. We all do it. 

To preserve my black tops, I also wash them in cold water. Well, actually I wash all of my laundry in cold water. Even my whites, unless there is a pesky stain that I'm trying to remove.. then I will soak it in scorching hot water and bleach. But that is besides the point, the point is wash your clothing in cold water. It will not harm it and it will save you a boat-load of money. And that wonderful tip is from my girl, Juju. And let's face it, she knows everything. So trust me, you want to listen to her. Second step, if a garment seems delicate or you don't want it to shrink, hang dry it. I hang dry just about all of my tops when I wash them. Which also helps preserve the color because the heat from the dryer obviously drys the fabric (and not always in a good way). And if there is anything that I learned in my textiles class, it's to treat your fabrics well. Take care of your clothes, and your clothes will take care of you!

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