January Product Review | Tula Facewash + Cleanser

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If you follow me on IG than you may recall this new series I'm bringing to the blog where I review products that YOU want to learn about. This is a new series for 2018 so the first product(s) I'm reviewing are two that I've personally wanted to try out. I'm also going to share a little bit about my skin and skincare routine, too. So here we go!


Tula Purifying Face Cleanser


So I'm sure if you follow lots of bloggers than you've seen lots of Tula. It's a pretty popular brand amongst bloggers and for good reason! I started using the cleanser about a month ago and have enjoyed it so far. I really like the scent and formula, basically I love how "sudsy" it gets. Being that I have overly sensitive skin, I've used lots of all natural products but also products like Cetaphil. While I love Cetaphil, I cannot get past the part that there are no bubbles. With this Tula cleanser, I really feel like it does a good job at removing all the dirt and make-up on my skin after a day's wear. As for clearing up my skin, it hasn't really done that. I still have breakouts but as far as working with my sensitive skin, I really like it. One thing I will say though is that I've never had a facial. So one of my tasks for 2018 is to take better care of my skin, beginning with getting a facial. I personally believe that 26+ years of not having one is probably just making it worse. So once I get one, I'll share my thoughts + results with y'all.


Tula Day & Night Cream

No bad things to say about this product! It does a great job at keeping my skin moist. I use it prior to applying my make-up, too. It is about $50+ for a jar, so I'd say if you're on the fence about trying it out get the Discovery Kit. It's smaller sizes of the best sellers from Tula! That way your investment to try 4 products is just $52 and you can decide which products you like best before buying full size.

I will say, during the colder weather my skin gets pretty dry. So I've been using the Tula cream in the morning and then I use the Pond's cream at night. It's a thicker cream that keeps my skin just a bit more moisturized.



I've talked about my Clarisonic here, and I still do use this in the shower but only about once a week. I found that the more I used it the more I was breaking out, even with the different types of sonic cleansing heads. I do however love the Clarisonic cleanser! I will typically use the cleanser in the shower regardless of if I'm using my Clarisonic that day or not. It has a tingling sensation that I just love and feel like it gets deep into my pores!

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So let me know if you also use any of the products that I use or mentioned above. And if you have any other products you'd like to me to test out for the product review series, just let me know! Have a happy Thursday!