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these the products i legit use daily. when i choose products i always consider price points, which is why i like to mix high end make-up with some drug store brand make-ups. the best foundation i've used to date is this estee lauder doublewear foundation. nothing provides coverage like it! but then i switch up my concealer + bronzer + blush for products from nyx + makeup revolution. this contour kit is a splurge but totally worth it, too! a little goes a long way! it's for that reason that i typically do most of my beauty product shopping at ulta. they have all of the brands i use no matter what price point!


make - up brushes

i had a mixture of brushed from mac, sephoraulta, and just about anywhere else. when i saw how reasonable real techniques brushes were, i made the complete switch. i snagged all new brushes and the cleaning glove (it's under $15!). i use just regular dish soap to clean my brushes; nothing too fancy!

hair care

i have a tutorial here on how i curl my hair, but it's from last year so i am working on getting a new tutorial together for y'all. when it comes to products, i am pretty simple with hair care. first things first, i don't even own a brush. i use a wide comb to comb through my hair after i shower and that is it. i've found that when i used a brush in high school my hair was more damaged. i'm not sure how true that is, but it's just something that i've realized. 

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