frequently asked questions


How did you start your blog?

so i started my blog back in june 2015 (check out my very first post here) as stay golden. and that lasted all of like 2 months before i rebranded for good! i've always had a strong interest in style + fashion. so much so that decided to study fashion merchandising + management at philadelphia university. i transferred colleges quite a few times and ended up graduating in december of 2014. after graduation and working a 9-5, i quickly realized that i was not at all happy. i'm naturally a creative person so i was just in a rut. so i began my blog with a little (i mean, big) push from my husband. even still, he is hands down my biggest supporter. i'm so grateful to have someone that supports my aspirations! it makes the journey that much sweeter.

how did you come up with your blog name?

as i mentioned in the last question, i started my blog initially as stay golden. if there is one thing to know about me, it's that i love (and i mean love) the color gold. i knew i wanted to incorporate it some way into my brand, but just didn't know how. when i began blogging, i loved stay golden. then i quickly and i mean quickly, grew out of it. i was sitting in my little cubicle one day at work and it came to me. i wanted my little corner of the web to act as some sort of diary. a place where i could share not only my insights on style, but decor, beauty, and just about anything else i wanted to talk about. so i figured there was no better solution than to include it in my actual blog name. alas, the golden girl diary was born. 


how do you curl your hair?

this is hands down my most asked question! so i have a 'how i curl my hair' tutorial here. however, i'm working on a new post with way more information than before just so i can answer all of your questions. so be prepared! it's going to be a long one.

ps: don't hate me if the new post takes a little while! just want to make sure i don't miss a thing!

what size do you typically wear? How tall are you?

i typically wear a size 0-2 in bottoms, depending on the brand. i also usually always like my tops to be oversized, so i wear smalls mostly. but i do have some medium and larges in my closet too! i don't really like to focus on sizes; i'm more about how the item actually fits. and i'm just a little lady at a whopping 5'2" tall.

who takes your photos?

when i began blogging, my friend and my husband took my photos. however, when my husband got traded to a team located across the country i had to find a local photographer to work with. i'm not happy that my husband is playing baseball across the country, but i am grateful that his change of employment brought my photographer and i together. she has such a great eye and i lovelovelove working with her. 

do you blog full-time?

technically, you could say that. i'm a stay-at-home dog mama, baseball wife (which also makes me a secretary), and blogger. but i certainly don't always spend full-time hours working on my blog each week. since i manage our home alone right now, i have a lot of other tasks that i am in charge of. like grocery shopping, cleaning (i am a neat freak; i clean multiple times a week + wash sheets 3 times a week), working out, and all of the other fun tasks. so it's all a balancing act. i can't even begin to imagine how challenging it will be once we have little walker's running around. 

what is your degree in?

i studied fashion merchandising + management. within my program, a majority of our classes were marketing classes. so it also taught me all that i know about marketing, too!

what are your go-to lip colors?

i am huge fan of matte lip colors! i think because they always go on like butter. i typically don't wear anything too crazy. i stick to a lot of neutrals. i recently tried the cailyn cosmetics lip color + i absolutely love it. 

how did you grow your following?

i've done a few different things. first, i browsed Instagram for bloggers with similar style preferences and some everyday girls that i thought would enjoy my content. i joined engagement pods when instagram changed up its algorithm. those helped in the beginning a lot! although, i'm still in a few now they've certainly lost their impact. second, (and don't hate me) i followed and unfollowed accounts. the way my husband explained it makes so much sense to me. when i followed an account, it was like handing them a business card. 'hey! come check out my profile; if you like it stay!' type deal. while there are mixed reviews about this method, this is what I did and it worked for me to break 10K. after i hit that milestone, i stopped and just focused on my content itself. third, content! i am a stickler for good content. i don't like to share things that i don't 100% love. so if the photo isn't good quality, i won't even bother sharing it. lastly, i responded to my comments on my posts! now, i struggle a bit more with it. but if you leave a question on a post, i usually respond. 

those are just methods that have worked for me, but it is certainly different for everyone. you just have to find out what works for you!

what's it like being a baseball wife?

this is certainly a difficult question; not one that i can just answer. but all in all, being a baseball wife is fun! my favorite part is seeing my husband chase after his dreams! since this could potentially be the longest post ever; i'll share more insights about it soon!