First Reveal of Our Great Room

Happy Thursday! I'm still trying to get used to switching up my posting days; but I can tell you already I feel so much better knowing that I have two blog posts to create for y'all each week. I'm excited to be sharing other things besides style related content with y'all.

So before we moved in, I already knew what I wanted to do with this space. I had the sectional picked out as soon as we accepted the offer from the seller! Fortunately, my husband not only plays baseball but he is also very handy. We bought our sectional and waited about 5 weeks for it to be made. As soon as it arrived, we pieced the room together. Sadly, a lot of home decor in this room is made by my husband. Like our coffee table, the blanket ladder, our end tables, and long table behind our couch. Not only has it helped with keeping our costs of decorating down, it's been really fun to construct them. Christian has enjoyed it so much that he's even considering making furniture as a hobby in the off season. So I'm happy and grateful that he's found something else that he enjoys, other than baseball. As for decor, a lot of the knick-knack things are also from antique stores and auctions. Anything that I was able to find online or find an item that is similar is linked at the bottom of this post.

our plans for the great room

[ 1 ] Build a light fixture. I've had my eye on one from Restoration Hardware, but the creative/realistic side of me can't pull the trigger on light fixture with an overly hefty price tag. We met with a local couple that makes custom furniture to discuss some options. But after all of Christians projects, we've decided on a style that we think we can build. For us, all of the furniture means more because we made it. So we're excited about building the light fixture. I'm even more excited to share the finished product with y'all!

[ 2 ] Add window treatments. The house came with blinds, but let's just say they're beyond cleaning. I don't think the people before us ever cleaned them or soaked them in bleach. As I'm sure they were once white, they are no longer. So that's that. Our great room gets lots of light and we do back up to a preserve so there will never be anyone behind our home where I feel like we'll need add more privacy. I also don't want to add drapery because I don't want the drapes to cover the half circle and block any of the natural light. So our next step is to buy crisp white blinds!

[ 3 ] Shop for a chair. The chair that's in the corner fits in quite nicely, but we've actually moved it from where it was to fill in that space. During the holidays our Christmas tree was where the chair is. After we took the tree down, we felt like the room was overly empty. So in the mean time, we brought the chair down from one of our upstairs rooms until we find the perfect chair for that little nook.

[ 4 ] Add a faux fireplace. As you can see our house is not lacking in trim work and detail. The custom cabinetry work is exquisite! Since I saw the living room I knew I wanted to add some sort of shiplap from the existing fireplace up to the ceiling; to give the impression of a real fireplace as our fireplace is gas. 

[ 5 ] Add under cabinet lighting. It's a really easy fix that I think will transform the built-in book shelves next to the fireplace. 


things we've built

Coffee Table, End Tables, Stacked Bookcase, Couch Table, and Blanket Ladder.

furniture + decor

Let me know what you think of our great room below! If you have any questions about anything in the posts, just send me an e-mail or message! Oh, and if you're in Columbia keep an eye out. I may start offering home decorating and organizing services, too. Hope y'all enjoyed today's post.