Our Master Bedroom


Hi y'all! I hope you're having a great Thursday so far. I'm just a few days away from heading out to Arizona to see Christian and I am over the moon excited to see him. Even though we are used to the baseball life (constantly traveling and being a part) it still doesn't make it any easier. But now that we do have a home, it certainly helps knowing we always have a place to call home and come back to. 

One room we've pieced together quite quickly is our master suite. Now, there are still something we're wanting to add and work on but for the most part this is it. And we both absolutely love it! One thing I always liked to keep in mind while I've been decorating our house is that it's just that; it's our home. I didn't want to make spaces too feminine or untrue to who we are. Our master is probably my favorite space in the house, particularly the corner reading nook. And if you're paging through these photos and wondering why I left the pups in the photos? It was actually quite simple for me. A part of being a blogger is being transparent, honest, and open. This is honest to God how our bedroom looks on a daily basis. Pups sprawled out on the bed, protecting the house from all the neighbors walking by. It's real. Are my photos perfectly edited? No and that's okay cause I just wanted to share a real look into our bedroom. 

projects for our master

 Renovate our master bathroom 

When we do this we plan on replacing the flooring into our bedroom, too. We're just so torn between continuing a new faux hardwood tile into the bedroom or upgrading the carpet. Strangely, we actually both really like the carpet. We won't be working on this project for awhile though so thankfully we have plenty of time to make up our minds. 

Add distressed wooden beams on our cathedral ceiling

We knew from the second we saw the master that this was something we've wanted to do! I'm thinking I'll get to this while Christian is away so it feels like a new space when he gets home.

I've linked all of the items that are available for purchase online below. I'll also share where specific items are from, but please keep in mind (if you're new to following me and don't know this about me) that lots of the items in our home are from auctions and antique stores so I'm not able to link where to get every single item. I hope this acts as inspiration for you. If you've got any questions, please just let me know. And I'd love to hear what you think of our master bedroom so please feel free to share a comment below! It's a meaningful way to let me know you like what I'm sharing here on my online diary. 

Have a great Thursday!


Sheets: Target | Duvet: Target | Down Comforter: Target | Bedskirt: Target | Pillows: Homegoods | Mr + Mrs Walker Pillows: Etsy | Bench: Homegoods | Dresser + Nightstands: Antiques refinished by Sweet Teas Furniture | Lamps: Kirkland's | Fan: Lowe's | Gold Frames: Target | Wooden Monogram: Etsy | Curtains: Wayfair | Tobacco Star: Ivy House Antiques | Chair: Homegoods | Throw Pillow + Blanket: Homegoods | Standing Lamp: Target | Side Table: Homegoods | Full Length Mirror: Homegoods | Mirror Over Dresser: Kirkland's | Succulent Photos: Kirkland's | Barn Door: DIY by Christian | George + Martha Washington Framed Art: Postmarked 29016 | License Place: Vintage from Re-find | Candlesticks: Wayfair | Stool: Homegoods | Candle: Anthropologie | Bookshelf: DIY by Christian | Brackets for Bookshelf: Carolina Imports, Online Option Here | Cotton Swag: DIY

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