Baseball Wife Life | Our Off Season Schedule

Hey y'all and Happy Thursday! This week is flying by, just like the off season is flying by. So if you're not familiar with professional baseball and the 'off season' I'm here to tell you a little bit more about it. 


So the beginning of February basically is the unofficial start of the baseball season, at least for us. It is the time where we start preparing for the move to spring training, which is now in Scottsdale Arizona. In previous years, I have traveled with Christian full-time because all of our traveling was on the East Coast. Christian is planning on getting into Arizona for Spring Training in the first week of February. So basically right now I am soaking in our last few week(s) of togetherness at home. Once Christian is out in Arizona for Spring Training, he will remain out there for the duration of the season..unless of course he gets traded. One rule with baseball is that just about anything can happen and you never really know when it does! So let me just restate the facts: Christian leaves and does not return home for precisely 9 months. It's a common misconception for people who aren't familiar with baseball. They play just about every. single. day. So there is no time for them to come home, unless of course they do not make the All-Star team or reside in the city they play in full-time. So some families do reside full-time where they play, it just depends. Every players situation is different. But more times than not, I would say most are like us and reside elsewhere for the off season. So for us, not making the All-Star team rarely happens. Which brings me back to the off season which depending on your teams standings, can go through October. That leaves you with about 3 short months of time at home.


What do we do in the off season?

There is no official schedule. No coach or boss telling you what to do. Obviously, with my work I am my own boss so it works out nicely for me. However, it can also affect my work negatively. Because my time is so short with Christian at home during the off season, I tend to spend all of my free time with him. Whereas, this past season when I stayed back on the East Coast (I'm an #EastCoast girl so East Coast > West Coast is how I roll)  I got lots of work done. Not just blog related work, but lots of other work around the house, too. As of now, we are trying to decide on our season plans for myself and our pups. Basically if we will be making the trek out to the West Coast to be with Christian full-time. But that all depends on how Spring Training goes and where he starts (and stays) for the season.



So a typical day in the off season goes a little something like this..


..So necessary to get through those early morning workouts. Not to mention, the quiet time during those sips of coffee is amazing.


..Because the off season is for getting better. 


..Like grocery shopping, cleaning, home projects, walking + playing with the pups, hike, work on blog content, shoot for the blog, and just about anything else we're up for.


..Which consists of Christian doing all of the cooking and me doing all of the cleaning. I'm not one for cooking at all. LOL. I tend to eat lots of bars, salads, fruits, and veggies when Christian is not home. #lazy


..We typically will pick a show and watch a few episodes each night. We like to keep it simple and lay low so quality time together in our new home is just about our favorite thing to do. Even if it is just laying around talking and being silly with each other.


So if you're not familiar with the 'Baseball Wife Life' what are your thoughts? We always talked about being a baseball wife as a calling in our WAGS baseball chapel groups. I never thought of it that way until we discussed it, but it makes total sense. I know for sure this lifestyle is not for everyone! Lots of our new friends in South Carolina have said that to us loads of time now that they're seeing first hand what it's like. So what do you think? And if you are a baseball wife, l'd love to know what your off season looks like? Let me know in the comments down below.


Photo Credit: Moose Photography