Fall Style

If I could pick one outfit and wear it all fall..it would probably be this one! Army green has always been one of my favorite colors and it is extremely versatile (ok, I'll stop). My word of advice, if you don't have a great pair of army green pants then it's about time you start looking! Pair a simple black, cream, peach, white, navy (you name it, it works) with green pants. But just in case you don't feel like looking, I've linked some options to get you started. 

So another important aspect of this outfit that is a 'must have,' is leopard flats. I recently swapped out my old ones for these new Sam Edelman flats that I found on Amazon. I'm a sucker for pointed toe flats. I think that they make an outfit look more put together. At least, that stands to be true for me! If you're in the market for new leopard flats, I highly recommend these! Link is included below. 

Lastly (and still one of my favorite) accessories are my Bourbon & Boweties. They are the kind of accessory that can be stacked with just about anything and they always look good! The B&B included in the photo above have been my staples this fall. The colors are neutral so they compliment a lot of my outfits. Adding fun pops of color with B&B is a great way to spice up an outfit too! If you're local to PA, check out Designed Treasures. Otherwise, use B&B's store locator to find a retailer near you!

I share my 'must haves' frequently, but if there is something that you find essential to your wardrobe let me know! I might be missing out on the next best thing. Plus, girls gotta help girls out. Look out for each other and share your incites so we can all look and feel good. 

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