Pattern Princess

Like most people, I have my days where I feel stuck on what to wear. When that happens, I usually pick something that requires little effort. We all have that one pair of "go-to" jeans, and well these are mine! I threw on a simple top that I purchased from LOFT weeks ago. As you will probably recall, I've been pretty obsessed with plaid. So clearly, I was very drawn to this top. But more so I was drawn to it because it was different than what I'm used to seeing. The back features buttons that decorate the spine, and the back is also a plaid fabric. I'm all for mixing patterns so throwing on a complimentary patterned shoe works here too. Especially since the plaid is somewhat minimal and only showing on the back of the garment. I went with a reptile print black because it contained the similar shades of grey so it tied the outfit together for me. So  when it comes to mixing patterns, always keep in mind that a general rule of thumb should be that both patterns contain at least one similar color. But trust me, I'm sure you'll recognize if it doesn't work! If not and you're stuck mixing patterns, I'd love to help! Shoot me an e-mail or leave your question in the comments below. 

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