Passionate about Plaid

Besides leopard, plaid has certainly become one of my favorites! A trend (which I’m sure most of you fashionista’s out there are already aware of) is the blanket scarf. A blanket scarf is larger than usual and a bit bulkier, to keep warm during the colder months. Now I wouldn’t necessarily consider this scarf a blanket scarf but it is pretty close. I’ve been searching for some perfect plaid scarfs. I was between this one and a red plaid scarf but decided on this option because I felt it was more versatile. I know, I always mention versatility! If you want to get lots of use out of your clothing than choosing more versatile garments will keep your wardrobe well rounded. Keeping a simple wardrobe that includes the “staples” is a great way to get use out of all of your clothing. Plus, to get use out of all of your unique garments like a leopard cardigan or faux fur vest (see here and here). Those funkier garments are what describe you and your personal style so choosing the right piece is all about feeling good in them. You may like a faux fur vest on other people, but hate it on yourself. And that is okay!

I kept it super simple with this outfit and spiced it up with some extreme ripped skinnies. I think it adds a bit of an edge. Without the ripped skinnies, the outfit seems a bit too preppy for me! But again, that is just my taste. Check out some more photos below and don’t forget to leave some love!

I almost forgot.. I’ll be posting another ‘Fall Edit: Part Three,’ that will include some more fall to winter essentials. Of course, they will help transform your wardrobe from season to season. So stay tuned!

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