Hues of Blues

Just in case you haven’t noticed, I have sorta grown this obsession with blue. Blue has emerged as the new red for me. I have been using it to add a pop of color to my rather simple outfits, which has occurred pretty much on a regular basis. Red was my ‘go-to,’ and although I am still obsessed with red, there is no denying my love for blue. As I’ve said before, I think spending money on great simple ‘staple’ items is necessary. Looking to spice up your outfit? Add a patterned scarf or shoe. Or if you’re like me, add a pop of color with a few of your favorite complimentary accessories. Don’t forget, lip stick is a girl’s best friend! And also, another great way to compliment your pop of color!

Does adding color or patterns seem daunting? No worries, shoot me an e-mail of the items that you have that you are looking to style. Maybe you’ve been eyeing up a particular item and are just looking for a gal’s incite? Either way, I’d love to help you achieve which ever look you’re going for and best describes you!

Oh, and Happy Hump Day! (Thank goodness it’s Wednesday!)

Amanda Nicole WalkerComment