Simple & Shifty

So let’s just say that this weather has got me all confused! After last weeks "heat wave,” I decided it was time to truly take advantage of this last warm spell, as I’m assuming it may probably be our last (but hopefully not). For me, I tend to lean towards more simplistic clothing then add some fun to the outfit with my accessories. And the accessories in this outfit have pretty much been my staples this fall! In my eyes, you can never go wrong with some fabulous Bourbon & Boweties.

How to transition this outfit for colder weather? Add a textured tight that has some sort of design. If you’re feeling up to it, maybe even try a colored tight. Another option would be adding a chunky scarf that’ll keep you nice and cozy! Since a scarf is being added, I would refrain from wearing necklaces (since they would get covered anyways). Instead, I would then substitute a great arm party and a fun ring.

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Happy Monday!

Amanda Nicole WalkerComment