Breaking the Rules

There seems to be some confusion about the whole idea of 'no white after Labor Day,' but I'm here to tell you (and show you) that the rule is no longer relevant. Now if you would've asked me a few years ago how I felt about white after Labor Day, it would've been a hard no. But the trends are saying otherwise! Don't believe me? Take a walk through your favorite stores (for me, it's LOFT) and you'll find many shades of white in tops AND bottoms. But it's not just white, as you're browsing through you'll find blush, light grey, and more. Just in case you're still not a believer, take a peek at one of my all white looks that made the rule ancient history. And because I love fashion, I've also included some of my favorite white/neutral looks from some of my favorite bloggers. [Please note: all photographs of the other bloggers are not mine. The photos belong to them, I'm simply an admirer.]

And as you'll see all of the outfits are primarily white, followed up with some pops of color. Whether it be a plaid scarf, striped tee, or a striped poncho. All of the outfits work so check them out for some style inspiration. Throw the rule book in the back seat and wear what makes you feel good! Which for me, wearing this all white ensemble makes me feel like a style vixen. 

I'm hoping that I've made you a believer, so let me know what your thoughts are on the 'ol rule in the comments below. 

Blogger Favorites

Now introducing my favorite style blogger, Katey Mcfarlan of Chronicles of Frivolity. So it goes without saying that her style is always on point. I am loving this look and it works because she added other neutral colors to balance all of the white. 

Another favorite of mine is Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies. This look is cool and super casual but as you can see, the all white still works. A white striped tee added acts as the perfect way to break up all the white in this look!

Last, but certainly not least is a woman who I admire for who she is. I've followed her blog for a long time and I just love how real she is. She doesn't sugar coat anything and she seems to be very genuine, which I appreciate. You may know Jillian Harris from her appearances on the Bachelor, but I love her for her work she does now on her blog and with Love it or List it. 

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