Tasteful Textures

There's quite a bit of texture in this outfit and most of the textures that resemble animals. All of the items alone are quite simple, but when paired together they work well and compliment each other. I could've easily thrown on black jeans or leggings, but whenever I feel an outfit is a bit too safe I always feel the need to add faux leather leggings. The combination of the leggings with leopard flats work because the flats also contain some black as well. A vest is always a good addition, especially as the weather begins to get more chilly. I wish I could locate a vest similar to the one that I have, but haven't come across another just yet. I love this vest in particular because it is textured on both sides. And although I could reverse the vest with the faux fur face out, I tend to always wear it with the green side showing. It allows just enough of an additional texture (the faux fur), to make an appearance.

Have you tried a vest yet? They are a great addition to any outfit. Check out some of the additional styles below. 

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Amanda Nicole WalkerComment