Sweater Weather

I know everyone on the East Coast is wondering what the heck is going on with this weather? I mean, it's December and I am in a skirt (without a jack) and more importantly, I am not cold! I know that I have been going on (and on) about statement earrings but I truly love them! If you're not so sure about statement earrings, head to H&M to check out some of their styles before committing to more expensive statement earrings. It'll save you money if you decide that statement earrings just aren't for you. I found these cute tassel earrings at H&M for $4.99! I've said it before, but I usually never luck out on sales. I'm typically too impatient or just don't want to be bothered. When I saw these I thought they would make a great addition to my summer earring collection. However, as I was styling this outfit I really liked the pop of color. I know most people think a pop of color is typically red, cobalt blue, or maybe even a shade of pink. But a pop of color can be just that, a pop of color. 

A little shout out to Hey Jule for inspiring me with this outfit! I was checking out her blog and saw a similar outfit and I'm completely loving this look! Thank you for the style inspiration! 

Amanda Nicole WalkerComment