Navy Overload

I'm usually not a huge fan of navy, especially with jeans. I consider it as a navy overload. For some reason, I really liked this outfit even though it is primarily navy. It works well because the top is printed. It really breaks up all of the navy throughout the outfit. Adding chestnut (particularly with this outfit) really helped the outfit stand out too! The top contains an organge-ish color that really compliments the chestnut booties and handbag. 

And since I typically wear gold, I wanted to give some of my two-tone jewelry some time to play. I busted out one of my favorite statement necklaces from Stella and Dot, known as the Sutton necklace. I know I've gushed about it before but it can be worn multiple ways! I really enjoy pieces that have more than one look. Although it may seem expensive as it is priced at $128, I find that it is worth it. I got mine on sale during one of the S&D promo's, which certainly helped out. But I have worn this necklace so many times that it's definitely paid off. 

Amanda Nicole WalkerComment