Feelin' Blue

The typical days goes.. Get dressed & pampered. Then get to work & prepare to freeze. This time though, I surprised myself and dressed accordingly. And yes, I was actually comfortable outside too! I'm really into the the over-sized look in general, but my current favorite (which is surprising because I typically refrain from wearing shorts) is over-sized shorts with an over-sized top. Now, I did have some assistance from my favorite blogger on this sweater. But Chronicles of Frivolity was right..this is the best sweater, EVER. I'm not sure how Madewell did it, but it is the perfect chunky sweater. And I know you're probably thinking, "This girl is crazy! Who buys a sweater during summer?" but I had to follow my heart, and my heart was all a flutter from the second I saw this sweater on my girl, Katey McFarlan. So thanks to COF and Nordstrom for making my chunky sweater dreams come true!

But you won't believe what I tell you next! The shorts are from Kohl's. That is right. LC Lauren Conrad. Occasionally, I can find a few pieces from Kohl's typically from LC or Simply Vera. And you can bet that you'll get them for a steal too because everything is always on sale there. Now the booties I also got for a steal from the C Wonder Outlet. Usually, I'm not a discount shopper because I become completely frazzled by the disorganization and clutter. But for a store like C Wonder that has a sophisticated and chic look, I am always able to browse through their sale selection. So my tip (if you're anything like me) try to hit the discount stores on off days when they would typically be less crowded, like a Monday or Tuesday. That way you avoid the chaos of the store and other customers. Now, I also suggest visiting the store because there are always better deals in stores and you never know what you'll find! I'd love to see your discount finds, so share with me!