Peachy Keen

It doesn't get more simple than this! Throw on my favorite shift dress and slide on my gold go-to sandals. And just because I'm fancy, I added a handful of Sorrelli Sparkle. The first and most important reason why I love this dress: It is clearly very flowy and not clingy..meaning, I can eat whatever I want and not have to worry about my dress clinging to my food baby. And quite honestly, for a foodie like myself that is a game changer. I stumbled upon this dress a few years ago online on Sosie. A couple of years ago, I was in a serious relationship with Sosie. I ordered a majority of my clothing from there! I'm not sure exactly why I stopped ordering less from there, but I just checked it out recently and linked some of my current favorite pieces to this post. Also, if you're a goof like me and refuse to pay shipping then save up your pennies and wait till you have $100 worth of merchandise because you'll qualify for free shipping! Sosie is always marking merchandise down so check around the website for a few days before you decide to purchase. Just a friendly word of advice!

Now as for the jewelry, it is a part of the Coral Reef Collection by Sorrelli. It debuted about a year and a half ago, if I'm remembering correctly. We had just started carrying Sorrelli at DT during the time of its debut, and this collection arrived in the late winter months. So most people weren't as excited about this collection as I was. I mean, the colors are me. I'm obsessed with pastels and pinks. And let's face it, anything that sparkles. Which Sorrelli never disappoints with that! Since I'm me, naturally I became obsessed. I simply "could not live without" these jewels, apparently. And my instinct was right, because had I seen these on someone else, I probably would've snagged them right off of their arm! Hah! Now since the collection is a little bit older, you might not be able to get exact pieces. But I know that Sorrelli is forever coming out with new colors and collections so check them out because I definitely saw one recently that resembled the Coral Reef Collection! Do you have some #SorrelliSparkle you'd like to share? As you can tell, I'm obsessed! So share your #SorrelliSparkle with me!