Sunday Funday

So I would like to say that Sunday's are my day of rest and typically that would be the case..but not this Sunday. I have quite a bit of errands to run before the start of a new week and I was in need of a practical yet fashionable outfit to wear for my day of errands. Now, you may be thinking I am overwearing this tank and you'd probably be right. But the way I feel about it, solid colored tanks are a staple to my wardrobe. I wear them to death! And this one is SO ridiculously soft that I cannot refrain from wearing it. The shorts are actually from H&M. I snagged them last summer because I was in need of some new cut offs. H&M is my go-to spot for reasonably priced clothing, especially when I'm in a pinch. They always have a ton to choose from, and the KOP location even has a pretty decent men's section so I'm also able to grab a few things for Christian. (And he loves surprises!) As much as I'd like to say I shop there frequently, I don't. The clutter throws me off, but on the slight chance that I'm feeling up to it, I'll attempt to give it a go. Side note: my best friend had on a really cute bikini the other day, and she got it from H&M for like some crazy ridiculous price. And by ridiculous I mean under $10. Which enticed me, so you know where I'll be heading today if I have some free time in between my errands. 

Back to the outfit, I chose shorts because I figured I'll be doing a lot of in and out of my car. And although I love a comfy dress, that just does not sound like a good idea when I'll be running around like a maniac for a majority of the day. I threw on some of my favorite gold jewelry because let's face it, accessories are always necessary. I never leave the house without earrings and at least one bracelet on. I'm strange. I know! But for some reason throwing on some jewelry makes me feel a bit more put together. And this necklace is tricky because.. it's actually all one necklace. So instead of struggling to find the perfect length necklaces you've been looking for to achieve that layered look...check out this necklace from John Wind Maximal Art. I got mine at Designed Treasures, which they offer a silver or gold option. Trust me, this is a staple to my accessories collection. And I'm sure you'll love it just as much as I do. Not local? Give DT a call and they'll be able to get you what you're looking for or you can check out the retailers website to find a location near you. Otherwise, head to my go-to spot for unique jewelry finds, Designed Treasures. Hope your Sunday is more relaxing than mine! 


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