Sea Foam Shift

I'm all about comfort. And this dress perfectly exeplifies how important I find comfort to be. Anytime that I am able to just throw on a simple dress, and pop on a few accessories is a wonderful day! For me, the best days are when I don't have to work to get an outfit together. But trust me, I definitely have my days when I struggle to put an outfit I am excited to wear together. But back to the story, as we are slowly heading into the last official month of summer, it's time that you truly take advantage of dresses. Because let's face it, it's not as simple to throw a dress on during the winter season. Now since I'm all about comfort and things that don't cling to my body, the silhouette style of the dress that I prefer is known as a shift dress. A few years ago I became obsessed with shift dresses however, they were definitely not as popular as they are now. I snagged this one from Urban Outfitters towards the end of summer during the end of the summer clearance sale. And now is the perfect time to hit up some of your favorites stores, as they'll be clearing out their summer merchandise. And restocking the store with fall merchandise (YAY! Fall is my favorite time of year) 

But....if you're like me and love fall then you probably checked out the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. And my oh my, I was pleased. I snagged two solid items during the pre-sale for Nordstrom cardholders and I absolutely love them. So check them out below, as they are currently still available in most sizes. The top is offered in three different color combinations too!

I mean...they're perfect, right? So the Nordstrom Anniversary Sales runs though August 2nd so there are just a few days left to snag some great fall staples! Have you hit up the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? Share your finds with me! And don't forget, now is the time to stock up on those summer garments for next summer! (I know, really thinking ahead) But now really is the best time to shop summer merchandise for the best price!