Sugar Plum

I'm back! I've recently realized just how quickly a day goes by...and if you've been following me then you probably noticed that I skipped a blog post. This week completely got away from me. And it went by so fast, so I'm hoping this next week goes by just as quickly as well because I have surprise waiting for me once I am set free from work on Friday and that would be Christian. Why do I get to see my beloved guy you might ask? Because his team is playing the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs (which is the closest team to our home that his plays against!) So I am extremely excited to see him, which has inadvertantly got me planning my outfits for the upcoming weekend. And because I love this outfit so much...I might just have to slightly re-style it so I can strut around in it next weekend during one of his games.

And let's face it, you can't miss me in this color! LOFT refers to it as "sugar plum" and I think that it couldn't be more fitting. This is the second top that I recently acquired in this color and that surprises me. I'm definitely drawn to more natural and softer colors, so I surprised myself by getting two tops in this color. But to my surprise, the color looks wonderful against my skin-tone. (Don't you think?) This is another one of my "pushing myself outside my comfort zone" moments.  And like my orange experiment, I turned out to love this color. So if you're like me and typically are not drawn to bright colors, now is the time to experiment. Summer time is the perfect time to test it out. You probably have a nice summer glow and bright colors, for some reason, are way more attractive in the summer time. So if you missed out before on my challenge, I challenge you now to experiment. Buy a garment that is a color that you typically would not wear. Maybe the issue is, that it's just be styled in an unflattering way. And that's where I come in.... I offer services in personal styling and simple wardrobe revamping (if you're really serious about changing the way that you feel in your clothing!) Otherwise, shoot me an e-mail if you're just looking for some quick advice! And one last thing, this top is 30% off at if it's love at first sight, go snag one before they're all gone! 

Lastly, I'm going to begin to tell you about this necklace. If you're a Stella & Dot girl like myself, then you were probably collecting Dot Dollars too! So me being me, I couldn't let the DD go to waste. I had been eyeing up this necklace for quite sometime but couldn't validate spending that much money on a necklace currently. The DD promotion couldn't have started at a better time! With my DD, I snagged the necklace for a steal and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. This necklace is insane. Literally. It can be worn 5 different ways. Check out how I wore it in today's post....and continue to follow me because I'll be showing you the other ways to wear it too! And...just in case, S&D offers this necklace in all gold, all silver, or two-toned. I'm telling you, this is a piece of jewelry that I could not live without.  


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