A Rebel Heart

So typically, I like to think that I wear more soft colored and feminine outfits. Now, not to say that this outfit is not feminine..but it kind of made me feel a bit more sassy and rebellious. That is probably because I finished it off with my favorite red lip stain from BITE, but that's besides the point! The skirt is a new arrival at LOFT and I spotted it last weekend when I was in the midst of a return. I gazed over and was caught off guard by this super cute skirt (you might have thought I saw Christian, I was infatuated) that I had to snatch it up! So instead of coming out of LOFT empty handed like I had originally planned to, I drove home with this magnificent skirt in tow! The band of the skirt also has sweet black ribbon around the waist band, so it was an easy decision for me to pair it with my favorite black tank, also from LOFT. And the shoes,  I've had them for a little while but was a bit intimidated by them since I typically wear flats or wedges. But surprisingly, they are extremely comfortable. Sam Edelman has done it again! I've always been a fan of his shoes, so it's no surprise that these have stolen my heart! Since there was a bit of texture and sass already in this outfit, I needed to add a bit more edge. So my go-to necklace (which is a part of the Mary LaSorda collection) was a fun addition to this outfit. Just so you know, the Mary LaSorda collection is not available in stores! It's the collection of jewelry that I named after my beloved Annamay's mother, Mary. After Mary moved out of her house all of her jewelry was up for grabs! So I snatched up some fabulous and one-of-a-kind pieces from her collection! And side note, whenever I wear a piece of her jewelry, I always get SO many compliments on it! Also, makes me feel better because I know it is one of kind and not something that anyone can just go pick up. So my advice if you're looking for some unique pieces of jewelry, head to a thrift store or antique sale, like the Powerhouse in Collegeville. That's where the good stuff is! Are you thrift shopper? Share your finds with me! I'm always looking for new thrift stores to check out! (They are my favorite!)


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