Sequin City

I'm sure by now you know what my favorite color is. If your guess is gold, then you'd be 150% correct. So it's no surprise that I've grown a serious attachment to these gold sequin shorts. I purchased them years ago on one of my favorite online shops, Sosie. Even though they are no longer available on Sosie's website, I was able to locate them on one of my other favorite online shops, Tobi. Now, I feel like every gal knows about Tobi. If not, sign up for Tobi's email list and you will receive 50% off of your entire order! Both stores have great deals and are always adding new products. So if you haven't done so already, check 'em out! 

These shorts though... make my heart flutter. To put it simply, they are me. And since they are obviously the center of attention in this outfit, I added a simple black tank and my rather new go-to Sam Edelman sandals. I'm sure the shorts would look great with a simple white or off white tank as well. But black is always a color that I typically gravitate towards. I kept it simple with the accessories since I felt like the shorts acted as clothing and an accessory. I added my favorite gold glitter watch, that was given to me by my second family,  the Coupes! (And she used my Pinterest wish list for this gift, so I was super excited!) So side note, most online stores now allow you to pin products directly from their site. Make it simple for your partner and loved ones, make a wish list board that way there is no guessing what you want! Simple and guaranteed you will like it! (Since you already picked it out!) 


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