Siftin' & Thriftin'

As you may recall, I previously mentioned my love for vintage finds. And I thoroughly enjoy heading to my local thrift stores to check out their latest treasures. The reason I love thrift shopping is basically because you will rarely (if ever) find two items that are exactly the same. I've gotten furniture, clothing, and accessories from thrift stores, and have received compliments on all of it! Which makes me feel good because I'm reviving the object back to life and I'm saving a ton of money! 

Which brings me back to my cute, and vintage inspired outfit. One of the pieces in this outfit is a hand-me-down. A few years ago my cousin gave me a handful of garments that belonged to my grandmother. (Don't worry, I'll share the others with you soon!) And this skirt is one of my favorite garments that I own, primarily because I know it is vintage. It reminds me of something that Audrey would've worn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. And if I'm being 100% honest, that is one of my all time favorite movies. If you haven't seen it, I recommend you do so! The other vintage find is my strand of pearls. Now, I thought on it for awhile because I couldn't recall where I got them from. But finally, my brain started working and then I remembered I found them at my local thrift store. They are extremely versatile and can be worn a multitude of ways. Sometimes I just loop them once or twice, knot it at the bottom, or snap on my favorite antique broach on to spice it up just a bit! You never know what you will find when you enter a thrift store, and the better part.. You don't know where that item has been.

So before you head to the mall, check out your local thrift store. I promise you won't be disappointed. I purchased some of our furniture at thrift stores for a steal, then restored it to fit our style. I'll be sharing my home decor thrift store finds with you soon enough. Along with some unique craft projects that I've done to decorate our home. Stay tuned...  


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Check out your local thrift stores!