The Party is Over.

So my birthday week (as I refer to it) has come and gone. It's amazing how quickly a day, or a week goes by now that I'm twenty-four. I never truly understood that when I was younger and an elder would say that to me! But I certainly get it now. As promised, I told you I would share some of my birthday gifts with you. And after only one week of adoring them, I have to say, I'm in love with all of them. 

...Because I mean really, does it need an explanation? Fellow blogger, heyjule, gave me this adorable and very appropriate mug for my birthday! She is one of the most fabulous gals and I simply adore her (so if you haven't done so already, click the link to check out her blog!) She also shares the same love for Gossip Girl as me. We quote it and reference it pretty frequently in our conversations. I posted this picture last week so now I'll share with you where she got it from. Shop The Trendy Sparrow on Etsy for this and so much more. The merchandise is so unique and so chic! But beware, you could wind up buying just about everything! (It's that cute!)

Yep! You got it. CW spoiled me. I have been eyeing these flats up for quite some time now. For the record, these are the comfiest flat ever! I'm usually the biggest baby when it comes  to flats and hate flats with the elastic band around the ankle. However, I think because  the elastic band is wider, that is why they are significantly more comfortable than one would anticipate. I've learned more recently that it's more cost effective to spend a little more on shoes. Good shoes last longer. Cheap shoes last maybe one season and then the are gone. If you're on the fence, splurge on these! Trust me, you won't be disappointed. 

MantraBands are my new favorite. CW spoiled me some more with FIVE new MantraBands. And I love his choices. The "You're my person" is my number one favorite! They are so easy. They look great all MantraBands stacked or piled on with other bracelets. A special shout out to my mama too! She gave me FOUR MantraBands too, that I'm absolutely obsessed with. If you're in a pinch for a gift, these make the perfect one! They are super reasonable and are available in 3 colors: silver, gold, and rose gold. If you're local head in to Designed Treasures to check out MantraBands today!

As you may have saw in my previous post, my super cute striped pants from Lulu and new UA sneaks that CW got me. Which by the way, are perfect. I mean I know I said I'm spoiled but I really got spoiled by him this year. I got a handful of workout clothing from UA too. Speaking of, have you been looking for the perfect jogger? Fear not! I have seriously found the best jogger available. The fabric is unreal and they are literally the comfiest joggers, EVER. Got questions about any of the products mentioned? Shoot me an e-mail! Have a great weekend and Stay Golden. 


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