Bows & Blues

Hello, hello! I am just going to apologize for my lack of presence here on The Golden Girl Diary. I'm going to blame it solely on the fact that it is summer. So the weather is warmer and I don't have as much free time spent indoors. Previously I was discussing the importance of dresses and there is no better time to throw on a dress than now. As we are slowly (I mean..quickly) phasing into fall, the opportunity to wear a dress is higher than ever. Yes, summer time is the perfect time to throw on a dress. But so is fall. Any summer dress can certainly be transitioned into your fall wardrobe. Since we all know temperatures tend to drop in the fall, the perfect cardigan or denim jacket has never been more appropriate. And if you're one of those people that is "always cold" then try out a pair of stockings. Basically, don't just throw your dresses to the way side because the temperatures are dropping. It is important to get wear out of all of your clothing. Now, I'm not saying your bright pink dress can be worn all year round. I'm just saying, experiment with what you have. If you have a piece that is rather summery looking, adding a more neutral color will help make it look less summery. It is all about how you style it. If you struggle with transitioning your pieces from season to season, contact me for styling advice. Services are offered for personal styling and shopping. As well as, (and let's not forget) organizing services. FACT: You will be more inclined to wear MORE clothing if you see it all. And see it all nicely arranged. I repeat, organization does matter. 

So let's get to the topic at hand, this adorable periwinkle dress adorned with a bow. Ok! So besides glitter, bows are my next favorite thing (besides my chihuahua, of course)! It was an easy decision buying this dress. Now in the summer, I just wear it as is. Usually, just adding some fun accessories to spice it up! In the fall, I plan to transition this outfit by wearing my distressed denim jacket from LOFT. It compliments this dress and a handful of other colors very well. And if I'm taking it there, I'll probably swap out my sandals for some booties. Maybe even add a scarf depending on how cold it is. Now, I know some of you are thinking but then you don't see the bow? What's the point? The point is that I'm getting more use out of a dress that would've been sitting in my closet otherwise. So don't be afraid to adapt your clothing from season to season. Chances are that it can work, you just need a little assistance with styling (and that's where I come in).  So continue with your usual summer style, but keep in mind the fall months are approaching. And they are my favorite! Styling questions? Shoot me an e-mail and I'll give you my spin on it. 

Interested in styling or organizational services? Tight on money? Contact me and we'll figure out a plan to accommodate to your styling needs and budget.

PS: These photos were taken before I rejoined the dark side, just in case you thought I went lighter again.