At the Old Ball Game

Oh man! It feels like it's been forever since I've written a post. And I have a pretty good reason as to why I've been on a hiatus. The answer is simple really, when your boyfriend plays baseball professionally and your opportunities to see him are minimal, you learn very quickly to take advantage of every opportunity and every second that you have with him. So that's what my weekend consisted of. Baseball, my guy, and lots of sunshine. Despite all of the powerful sunlight, it actually turned out to be a beautiful weekend. Meaning there was actually a breeze and sitting in the stands was actually enjoyable (in terms of heat and comfortability!) This weekend I kept my wardrobe simple. I wore my favorite color (black, duh!) to each game. On Friday, I wore a simple black shift dress with my gold "go-to" sandals and some fun accessories. Check out the pictures from my weekend fun which include a simple outfit for Saturday's game. And Sunday, I decided a black romper was a good choice. It was strapless, which I intentionally picked just in case I managed to get sunburnt during the game. 

I know I usually talk about style and my OOTD, but I think it's time to discuss something a little personal that people ask me about pretty frequently. And that is, my long distance relationship. Anyone who has actually had to spend a significant amount of time away from their partner has a good idea of what I'm going through. And not to offend anyone, but going away for a weekend, a week, or a month is not what I am talking about. I'm talking about being away from your partner with no idea when you will see them next. It's a lot tougher than people want to think it is. Quite honestly, the people that think "it isn't so bad" are the ones who are constantly around their significant others. It takes a lot of trust, dedication, strength and love to be in a long distance relationship. Trust me, I have my days where I'll call up my guy and just be a hot mess. Literally. Just a needy hot little mess. And he understands because he's going through the same thing (he can just compose himself a bit better). No one quite gets me like he does, or can calm me down with just a few words. And for me, I know that he's the definition of what love truly is. Even though the distance was, and remains to be tough, it continues to strengthen our relationship. Whether you've recently started a long distance relationship or have been in one for awhile, always remember that there is someone else going through what you're going through. There is someone that does understand how tough it can be. Rely on your partner, your family, and your friends. Stay positive even when it all feels negative. It gets better. (I mean I still cry every time I leave CW but I'm a baby)

Anyways, check out some of my fun from this weekend! Lucky for me, I'll be seeing my man again this upcoming weekend for my 24th birthday. YIPPEE! So you know I'll be counting down this week. Have a great week and Happy Monday! 


PS: I love you, CW.