Charmingly Chic

As promised, here is another revamped look for you! So this skirt...I'm in love with. This time around I styled it with a sophisticated tank from H&M. It looks a little bit more feminine and slightly a bit more casual than before. Because of the black waist band, I always feel compelled to add black something with it whether it's shoes or a top. So that's why I went with these cute pointed toe flats. Flats are always my go-to and for me, a pointed toe flat feels so much more put together. Since the neckline is a bit more dramatic and has a deeper cut, I decided an arm party would be more appropriate. Therefore, I piled on my Bourbon & Boweties and my favorite Chanel inspired pearl earrings. These Chanel inspired earrings were found at LOFT but if you google just that, many options will pop up. And there are now a handful of variations available too! And these bracelets are my favorite. I have quite a few sets of them but they are literally the best stacking bracelet. They can transform any look! I love the pearl set in particular because they are so versatile. The bracelets are handmade by a NY based company known as Seasonal Whispers. They offer necklaces, earrings, rings, and more. And they offer them in about every color imaginable, in whatever finish your little heart desires. So check them out! I got all of my Seasonal Whispers at Designed Treasures because they usually have the largest and most unique selection. And just in case you're seriously interested in purchasing, they are sold in sets of 4-6 bracelets ranging from around $96-$124 per set.

Since I spend a bit of time on blogs and pinterest, I always feel inspired. I know I'll be bringing this skirt back as soon as I find the missing piece for another look. My vision includes a black crop top, that is not fitted. Perhaps with some graphics, like a chic phrase. So I'll be searching for that in the mean time. 

As we're all preparing for the start of another school year it is important to start off on the right foot. And by that I mean, it's time to get organized. Aside from your clothing being organized, another important aspect is a good planner. I know people like to use their phones as planners but I just can't. I like to see everything written down and I like to have everything in one place. Plus, they are really cute! If you're interested in a planner but don't think you'll need it for as many details then I suggest the new Kate Spade planner. If you're looking for more room and specific pages then I suggest the planner that I currently use from Plum Paper Designs. PPD is a shop found on Etsy. You choose when you want your calendar to start and you can add budgeting pages, note pages, and so much more. They also customize them. I'll share my planner with you soon..just so you can get an idea for which planner better suites you. Anytime you're in a store that carries planners, browse through the pages and take mental notes of pages that seem important to you. It will help you narrow down the perfect planner. Like clothing, the perfect planner will allow you to feel good about yourself.