Orange Simplicity

Hi, hello! As you may recall from my previous posts, I discussed the importance of re-styling clothing. And if you really have a good memory, then you'll remember that I wore this dress in one of my first posts. However, it was styled a bit differently. The dress was sold with a thin orange "belt," if you would call it that. Last time I wore this dress I chose to wear it in a more "shifty" way. I excluded the belt from the look and paired the dress with my bold statement necklace from Bourbon & Boweties. This go round, I decided to include the belt in my look and added a green beaded necklace from LOFT. Since we're talking about this dress, I have some important information to share with you. I first spotted this dress during one of my visits to see CW in Norfolk, VA. Fortunately, or unfortunately for my wallet, there is a mall directly across the street from CW's apartment. So it's safe to say that when I wasn't with CW, I was browsing around the mall. On this particular Saturday there was a 50% sale going on at LOFT so I knew exactly where I was heading. As I headed into the fitting room to try on my findings I spotted an orange dress styled with the green necklace. It was love at first sight. However to my dismay, another customer was purchasing the orange dress and it was the last one in the store in my size. I called LOFT's all over the area and was told that it was "unique piece" that was only sold in select stores. Well, that was a big fat lie. A few weeks later I was visiting CW in Scranton and headed to LOFT as they had another 50% off sale going on. I had some time to kill before his game so to LOFT I went. And it was there! The dress and the green beaded necklace were finally mine. So if there is an item that you just can't get out of your head, take note of the style number. Check it out online and give some other locations a call. If it's from LOFT, head into your local store with the style number and you'll get it with free shipping too! If it's an item from a department store like Nordstrom then take note of the style number and the brand. Lots of department stores and even boutiques carry the same brands, so you're bound to find the piece your looking for with some research online. 

And just to reiterate, you'll probably see this dress again soon! I'm really into the practice of re-styling garments because I like to get use of my clothing. Since this dress is orange (which is the perfect color for fall, duh!) I will probably style with a beige colored bootie and chunky scarf. So if you're not comfortable just yet with re-styling your wardrobe for fall now is the time to practice. I get in moods where I just am in a styling mood and I'll throw together my outfits for the week. The same may happen to you, when you're feeling inspired throw together some outfits and if you're not ready to wear them just yet (meaning if they are very fall looking) then snap a picture to remember for later. Always remember, if you're needing help re-styling or just styling an outfit I'm always interested in helping. Head to the "Contact Me" tab and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I've also linked some great dresses for fall so check out the links below. On that note, stay fabulous and Stay Golden.


I know, I know. This location is amazing. It's safe to say, I'll probably be heading back here for more photos. And just in case I'm really confusing you, I got all of these photos taken before my dark hair. Fear not, this is the last of the light hair. 

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