Pre-Birthday Fun

Another week flew by! But that's okay by me. I'll be spending a long weekend in Virginia with CW to celebrate my twenty-fourth birthday. (Yikes! How have I gotten so old? I still feel like I'm 15) Anyways, it's a special weekend as our two best friend K & JP are coming down to watch some baseball and celebrate too! And I'm so excited. We have a fun weekend ahead of us. But today, CW and I checked out a few cool places in Norfolk, VA. Our first stop today was to a hip restaurant called The Handsome Biscuit. The food is crazy good. It's sinful. We've been here before but I always make it a "must" each time I'm visiting (and for good'll understand soon!) They have one sandwich that is called the Hella-Fitzgerald and it's hella good! The largest piece of fried chicken you can find (cooked to perfection, of course) topped with gravy, cheese, and bacon. And if you didn't catch the name, of course it is on a delicious biscuit. The picture does not do it justice. You'll just have to try for yourself if you ever venture to VA.

Next, we headed to the waterfront to check out some of the historical artifacts, since Norfolk is known as a military town. Today is supposed to be a washout however, the rain managed to hold off during all of our adventures this morning and afternoon. Since I thought it was going to rain, I kept my outfit comfortable, simple and sporty. CW being CW, he wanted me to open my birthday presents last night. But I wanted to wait until my actual birthday which is tomorrow, August 8th. However, I woke up this morning and I just wanted a surprise so I suggested perhaps I could close my eyes and pull just one present out of the gift bag. And I was not disappointed with what I saw, a pair of Lulu Lemon print capris. And of course, me being me, I didn't quite have shoes that would work with it to wear it today...but CW had that covered too! He pulled out a pair of Under Armor sneakers that I've had my eyes on for quite some time. And boom! My outfit was complete. I threw on an easy tank from UA and my LOFT jean jacket. I was all set. Like what you see? Almost everything is still available and some is even on sale. My LOFT denim jacket is currently 50% off! So check out the links below and stayed tuned for more photos from my 24th birthday weekend! Happy Friday!


PS: CW took all of the pictures, didn't he do great? Proud blogger GF moment. Oh, and in case you thought your eyes were playing tricks on you... I did dye my hair. I've returned to my natural dark side. Tell me what you think of my new look!

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