Spikes & Shift

So maybe I fibbed a little bit before. I will miss summer, but only a little bit. I'm more of a cool weather kind of gal anyways. I despise being hot and sweaty however, I hate feeling completely frozen. So instead of wishing for cooler weather to arrive, I'm trying to channel a little gratitude towards the warm and dare I say, pleasant weather (even if it is a little warmer than I'd like!).

Back to the important stuff: outfit details. I'm usually not fond of shorts so it's no surprise that I threw on a pair of ripped skinnies for this look. I don't know what it is about ripped skinnies but for me, they truly can make or break an outfit. Personally, I love this outfit because of the balance. Let's be honest, ripped skinnies are obviously not super sophisticated however, I feel like they can definitely work to create a classy outfit. The tank is from Juicy Couture (back in JC prime) and I'm utterly obsessed with it. I remember when I bought it (I was working at JC so I often came home each day with something new) there were other colors of this tank. I could kick myself now that I only bought it in one color as it is one of my most beloved tanks that I own. The fact that it is not form fitting is a big plus for me because this "feature" allows me to eat all that I want and not feel as self conscious about it. It is literally one of the comfiest yet stylish tanks I own. The top is also adorned with mini gold spikes. Considering the spikes are gold, I was sold on this tank from the second I saw it! To top it off, the bottom is finished with the sweetest ruffles. I don't know what it is about ruffles, but to me, they make a garment seem more feminine (which I love). I kept it somewhat simple with accessories since the tank is adorned with spikes. I stumbled upon some bracelets that coordinated with the tank perfectly so on went my stack. You can never mix too many bracelets, which is evident considering I stacked a Kate Spade bangle, Renegade Cluster from Stella & Dot, Bourbon & Boweties, Lenny & Eva, and Sorrelli. The personal favorite that I don't get as much use as I would like to is the Lenny & Eva beaded bracelet. All of the beads are unique colored and they offer the beaded bracelets in SO many colors. They work great for stacking with bangles or stacking together. I'm simply obsessed...and I need to add to my L&E collection. Local? Check out my go-to spot, Designed Treasures for L&E and so much more!

Hope you are having a fabulous (and fast) week! Friday is almost upon us.