Florals are Fierce

Who thought florals could be fierce? If you asked me before I bought this kimono then I would say florals are not fierce. Kimonos are perfect for the fall wardrobe. In most areas, the summer heat has not yet left completely. The days are still nearing 70-80 degrees, but in the early morning and evening hours the air is chillier than usual. The solution? Throw on a kimono to get you through the crispness, and kimono's are light enough that you could continue to wear it as the day warms up. This kimono in particular is a bit edgy, so I decided my extremely distressed skinnies from Guess would do the trick. And since the outfit is primarily black, it was an easy choice to pair my go-to Sam Edelman sandals too! The outfit it self is rather bold so I kept it simple with accessories. A layered necklace from John Wind, a few bracelets, and a few stacking rings. All of which are pretty dainty.

Sometimes with accessories, less is more (and by less, I'm referring to the daintiness). The focal point of this outfit is the kimono, at least that is what my eyes are drawn to. Take away the kimono and the outfit is extremely simple and totally safe. Which is totally not my style! I like simple outfits but there has to be some kind of unique flare about the outfit that makes me feel invincible for the day. Hmm..maybe that is what red lipstick is for? Either way, throw on whatever makes you feel invincible and make the day yours. 

PS: I thought showing my knuckles to flaunt my rings would be cool. Turns out, I just have really wimpy knuckles. Oh well! (I'm a lover, not a fighter).