Ruffles Rule

So I may have an obsession with these jeans. If you own them, then you understand I'm sure. But let's not focus on the jeans since they've already had their fair share of attention. This top is everything. I snagged it during the #Nsale this summer and I couldn't be happier. It includes a pleated "under shirt," if you will call it that since it is attached to the sweater. But it doesn't stop there. The sweater includes one of my favorite features in tops which is a split back. The fabric is open in the back. I styled this pretty casually but like most tops, this can also be dressed up. Add the right statement necklace, and some pointed toe pumps and you're good to go. 

I'm sure you've noticed that I've been wearing the gold tassel necklace to death. And you would be right, especially considering what I paid for it. I found it a few weekends ago at the Powerhouse in Collegeville, PA. So I've said it before and I'll say it again, head over there! There is some really great and unique stuff that you will find. I promise. The favoritism doesn't stop there since I've also been wearing these two B&B habitually. They are just the perfect colors for fall..actually they are just perfect colors in general. Word to the wise, if you come across B&B that you love, snag it because you may not come across it again.