10 Things About Me

Hi there! So I know I've explained (too many times) how much I love winter whites. Instead, I've decided I would share 10 things that you might not know about me. I know I've promised more posts, and they are in the works! I have lots of new ideas that I'll be sharing with you in the next couple weeks.

1 | I have OCD | No, I don't just mean I am really organized. I mean, I do a lap around our house before each time I leave to make sure everything is straightened up and put away. It's like this itch, I can't relax unless I know our house is tidy. Christian always jokes about it, but I really can't help it! Just like, I can't stand when the kitchen is not cleaned immediately after use. Which that also includes no dishes in the sink! #petpeeve

2 | I hated Chipotle for the longest time | ..But things have changed. Now, I can eat an entire burrito bowl (no shame) in one sitting. For the longest time I couldn't get past the fact that Chipotle didn't have QUESO. But I was also eating the wrong thing from Chipotle. If you're going to Chipotle my must have is a burrito bowl with chicken and just about every topping. Yes, Chipotle. We all know guac is extra.

3 | I don't drink soda, juice, etc. | I mean, I'll drink it on the rare occasion that it is in a cocktail. But other than that, I only drink: water, teas, and coffee. I'm boring I know. But I love an ice cold water, except I hate the brain freezes that arrive shortly after.

4 | I'm afraid of the oven | There has always been something about the oven that has just scared me. It's just a box of heat that could burn my skin off? I mean, I have a reason to be afraid, right? OK, so I am becoming an adult and I actually baked all of our food for the Super Bowl. Christian was completely surprised when he came home to a kitchen full of food...that he didn't have to make.

5 | I always name my car | You spend a lot of time in your car so it's only natural to give it a name, right? My first car was a Honda Accord named Rhonda the Honda. So fitting, I know. Next, came Stella the Sonata. She was black and super sassy! The latest is Serena the Sonata. Obviously named after Serena Van Der Woodsen because why not? The windows are (extremely) tinted so you can't see in, which makes me feel like a total BAB when I'm driving.

6 | My dogs are everything | So you probably already knew that but I had to say it just because. I mean, spoiled is certainly an understatement. Ella Mae has a custom four-post bed for goodness sake! Can you say diva? I don't know who she gets it from. Jax transitioned into a pampered pooch after we rescued him (and thank goodness we did). He's getting a custom crate cover made too! Only the best for my pups. Oh, did I mention they sleep on faux fur?

7 | I am a terrible texter | I'm actually just bad at phones. Scratch that. I don't really care about phones so I tend to not pay attention to mine. Usually, my phone stays in my purse. Of course, I browse Instagram but that's about as far as I go. If you text me, chances are I've read it and have just forgotten to respond. Same goes with phone calls. The work that I do now is primarily on phones, so the last thing I want to do is talk on the phone.

8 | I am an old soul at heart | If I had a choice, I would've loved to live during the 1920's. Women's fashion during that time was to die for. And did I mention, sparkle? Oh boy, was there sparkle! Don't believe me, go watch my favorite movie (The Great Gatsby) to see for yourself! And I'm quite content just sitting on the couch every night, not doing much of anything. I'm also one of those people that still buys DVDs and CDs. Something about having the real thing in my hands makes it seem more real.

9 | I love the South | Maybe it's because USC (the real USC that is) is absolutely breathtaking! Aside from the surroundings, I just can't get enough of southerners and that southern hospitality. There's so much hustle bustle in the north. Along with lots of attitude! So it's safe to say, when we're ready to buy a house it will definitely be in southern soil. #sorrynotsorry

10 | I re-watch TV shows and movies like it's going out of style | I pretty much know all of the words to every Harry Potter movie. So much so that Christian hates to watch the movies with me. Another addiction? Game of Thrones. I've re-watched all 5 seasons 3 times already. The amazing thing is, with each time I re-watch, I always learn something new.

Hope you enjoyed! Have a great weekend!