The Vacation Edit: S|S 2016

Hello again! Just wanted to break this up in two posts today because I thought it would be a bit easier to follow. I'm heading down to Spring Training soon so I'm sharing all of my favorite outfit tips, tricks, and packing tips! I used to be the ultimate over-packer. What am I saying? I am still kind of an over packer. My outfits are very thought out according to the weather but I'm always afraid that I'll run out of clothing or have to change too many times then be left with nothing. The truth is, I usually come home with half a suitcase of clean clothing but only wear about 1/4 of it! [ #ohwell ] As promised below are some outfit suggestions for traveling, as well as some great dresses to wear once you've reached your destination (assuming it's tropical, that is). I only picked out one pair of sandals to demonstrate what I was talking about here, regarding shoes. Pick out a neutral shoe that will go with just about anything!

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1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Hope you enjoyed! Remember: splurge on those great neutral shoes. I promise they'll be worth it and they'll go with just about anything!