All Black Everything

Hi there! I feel like I might sound like a broken record because I repeat myself pretty frequently. But I just have to say that I love an all black outfit! I get into funks pretty much every week where I just don’t have a clue what to wear. When in doubt, I always resort to an all black outfit. Since the weather is warming up, I’m really looking forward to styling some of my favorite black dresses. I wish I could find the exact link to the dress I have on, but I found it on super sale at Nordstrom during the anniversary sale where I ended up paying less than $28 for it. #winning. Another steal? These Vince Camuto booties! I was searching for them in the cognac color but they were sold out everywhere, and I mean everywhere! I opted for the black since I was on the market for new black booties.

One of the struggles of being a blogger is the turn around time. Typically if I find something great, it takes a few days to get photographed and up on the blog. Especially if it is something I have to order online and wait for it to be delivered. By the time that I get it up on the blog, it's sold out. So since I haven’t mastered the timing of it all just yet, I’ve linked some other great options that are very similar. Hope you like them as much as I do!