Golden Girl

Well hello there! Can I just say how much I LOVE white jeans? Especially these that I snagged from Nordstrom because they are so dang soft (and also only $54). As we are getting closer to Summer, it's time for all you non-rule breakers to bust out your white jeans. But don't worry, I'll get you to wear those white jeans next winter if you haven't done so already! That rule is ancient history, so sorry bout it! And just about anything goes with white jeans, they are pretty much like regular jeans. I like to pair bright tops that have a little white in them or even a cream top. Check out some of my other neutral/white looks that I wore here, here, here, and here. (Last one is my personal fave!) Which adding some tops that may seem more A|W with white pants is a great way to transition that wardrobe into S|S. Don't forget an easy way to transition that A|W wardrobe (by using garments like cardigans and scarves) is to make good use of your S|S tanks. I'll be sharing more ways that I'm transitioning my wardrobe.

What are your must-have S|S staples?


(Note: If the original product is no longer available, I've linked very similar options below)