Nice and Neutral

If you’ve been following me then you’ve probably guessed that I become obsessed with things fairly quickly. So it’s no surprise that there is yet another thing that I’m kinda sorta obsessed with. That is, Neutrals. (Ok, maybe not that much of a surprise.) One main reason why I absolutely love this outfit is because it demonstrates a different take on neutrals. When you think of the word neutral you probably think of the words [ white, tan, and beige ] and that’s pretty normal. But something unique about this outfit is that I decided to change it up and swap out the brown hues for gray hues.  Technically, there are still some brown hues in this outfit but you get what I’m saying! The great thing about this outfit is all of the pieces are simple staples that should be easy to replicate, as most of the pieces are from last years spring collection from Loft and Nordstrom. Don’t worry, I’ve linked some of the originals based on availability along with some alternatives too!

Since Christian has left for spring training (and I can no longer force him to take my pictures at the moment) I had to do some recruiting. It didn’t take me long until I realized who better than my best friend, Katie. She’s been doing a fabulous job too, so hats off to you Katie! (I’m so grateful for you.) After I threw this outfit together for our shoot, Katie’s response was priceless! And I heard it for the duration of the shoot. “Oh my gosh, I LOVE that outfit” and similar comments followed. We started talking about how I pieced together this outfit when Katie confessed that she would’ve never thought to layer two tanks. Which got us both thinking for a new blog post idea. I’m going to head into Katie’s closet where she will style an outfit (based on her wardrobe choices) and as will I. It will be a ‘what to wear’ given your current wardrobe type post. We’re both super excited to work on this, so stay tuned!


Hope you have a fabulous Thursday!