Plaid Passion

Hey there! I know it's officially spring but I'm a lover of dark colors so I'm trying to soak up all of the dark colors that I can. Plus, it's still very cold in Pennsylvania so layering is still a must for me! I'm all for some spring colors, but I like to stick to my uniform of neutrals.

Perhaps you've heard of the term 'Canadian tuxedo' which is code for an all denim outfit. Specifically, jeans with a denim top AKA a chambray. I decided to throw in a little pattern with my Canadian tuxedo look by adding a simple plaid top. Although I love the Canadian tuxedo look, sometimes adding a little spunk is sometimes necessary! It breaks up all of the denim and adds some additional color. Another aspect that compliments the outfit is the chestnut accessories. Speaking of, if you have a Bloomingdale's outlet nearby I would suggest heading in. I found these Lucky Brand booties on sale for $40. #steal. I got them a few weeks back so I'm not sure what the selection looks like currently, but this tip goes for most shoe stores. As we're heading into Spring|Summer 2016, the stores are clearing out winter merchandise which is my favorite time to shop for boots! I also peek through the sale racks at the end of the season as DSW because I always walk away with a deal. I know it seems like common sense, but my suggestion is to try to make it point to shop for next winter at the end of the current winter (and vice versa with spring). The only down side is you'll be dying to wear them all season, but sometimes saving money is worth it!

Have you shopped any great sales recently? Let me know in the comments below!