Pop of Pink

Whats more fun than a bright pink lip? I love a bright or fun colored lip. If you would've asked me 3 years ago, I would've never had the courage to wear such a bright color. Which is exactly what my best friend said too! I believe it has to do with confidence and how you feel in your own skin. I've learned that there are people that I will never be able to please and will always have something negative to say about me. When it comes down to it, if I'm consuming that much of their energy then it just means one thing: that they wish they could wear hot pink lipstick and feel as confident as I do! One of my main goals when I started TGGD was to empower other women. Of course, I love to share lots of other odds and ends too. Ultimately, I wanted this to be a destination that you would visit each day when you just needed to take a break and needed a boost. There's so much negativity in this world that a positive place (as well as a positive girlfriend) is exactly what we all need. So throw on whatever color lip stick you've been dying to try and own it! The only opinion that matters is your own and either way, you'll look great. If you feel silly throwing on a bright pink lip, it's normal because you probably haven't up to this point. Even more so, you probably haven't had someone tell you that you look fabulous! Maybe pink is not your color, I have recently tried a REALLY dark burgundy that will be shown in a post soon. I felt a little strange with that lip color on, but now that I've tried it I feel much more inclined to try other colors.

I've linked two of my favorites below, but I also love this one (which is what I am wearing in this post). It goes on like BUTTER. Seriously, so worth it!