Hi there! I'm so obsessed with this color green. It's sorta like a greenish gray that pairs well with just about any other neutral color. Anytime I wear a colored/patterned pant, I typically always wear a neutral top. That way if the outfit is 'safe' then you can add accessories like a statement necklace or a scarf. Another thing to keep in mind is that since the outfit is all rather neutral, I mixed in some textures too! Adding a textured top to a pant that has some texture works here. The reason I think it works well? The textures are somewhat similar, in a diamond shape of some sort. Lastly, the accessory that ties this outfit together for me is the lace-up flats. No matter what I am wearing, if I add lace-up flats it completely changes the outfit for me. I think lace-up flats are that new trend that hasn't quite been adopted by all. I always get TONS of compliments when I wear any of my lace-ups. I am always urging people to give them a try, but their response is always 'they are so trendy' which is correct. They are a current trend. But if you get some neutral colors like black or this chestnut color that I have on, they can go with just about anything and arent' too flashy! (There is a multi color patternd pair by Halogen at Nordstrom that I am dying to get my hands on though!) Like I've said, one of the main reasons I created this blog was to document my style but also to show you that you are able to rock the same things. So give a try and share your style with me! I'd love to see.