Floral Favorite

Hello! First things first, how cute is this skirt? If you've hit the stores then you've probably noticed that there are more variations of silhouettes of skirts. My personal favorite is this A-line, I think it adds a fun and feminine flare to what would be a rather simple outfit. I mean, the sole purpose of this blog is to share what is new and trending, and then how I adapt it to my personal style. A few years back, the maxi skirt was the thing. Now, it's time to try some of the new trends. Pick a bold patterned skirt. Keep your accessories simple too. Although my jewels make a statement, it doesn't take any attention away from the skirt. When you are looking for the perfect skirt, look for a skirt that has a neutral color in it or that can easily be paired with a neutral color. By pairing it with black, I have added balance to the outfit. Some might ask why I didn't do white and the answer for that is simple, the skirt has more white then black so I felt like it would look to similar. And then the skirt would certainly not make as much of a statement!

If you're a local gal, I snagged this skirtfrom Piccolo Amore. It's a super cute boutique located right on Main Street in Trappe, PA. So if you are, I definitely suggest heading in there to take a peek around! You won't be disappointed!

Are you ready to try an A-line skirt?