Styled Simply

Hey there! So if you know me then you probably know (a lot) about my boyfriend, Christian. Love doesn't seem like a big enough word for how I feel about him. But anyways back to the point, over the off-season we decided to move to where Christian will be playing. That alone is a big step for me, I'm a huge Mama's girl (to my mom and also, Christians mom). So living without those two being just a short drive away is going to be a big change for us. But as they say, it's all a part of growing up and I'm grateful to have to opportunity to live together during this crazy phase of our lives.

Which brings me to baseball season. I try to keep it pretty simple when I head to one of his games. I'm not a huge lover of shorts so I typically will wear jeans and a simple tank, then load up on the accessories. If it's really hot though, I will always throw on a shift dress. There's nothing worse than sitting in the stands, hot and sweaty, in tight clothing. At least that's how I feel! LOL. I've had my fair share of unheard of hot weather. [ FLASHBACK: If you're familiar with the stadium in Bowie, MD then you know how hot it gets there. Particularly, during the day games. Well, I decided I just had to go to this game. Let me tell you, I've never sweat so much in my life. I ended up spending about $50 on bottled water that day. (#disgusted) So never again will I go to a game like that again, unless I'm sitting in a club box. ]


It might seem frivolous to get ready for a baseball game, but a) I really enjoy getting ready and doing my make-up b) I like to look good for him. I know some people stare at wives and girlfriends because they do get done up. I mean, like really done up so I always like to keep in the back of my mind 'cute and casual' as my baseball uniform. What's your go-to outfit for sporting events? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for stopping by <3.

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