S|S 2016 Staples

Hey gorgeous! So I received an email asking about Summer staples, like pieces that I think are 'must haves.' Below I have compiled some of my 'must haves' and of course, this is just a basic list so if you have something similar try to make use of that first before heading to the mall. But just in case, I tried to keep price points in mind for this post. As you can see, all of the items are under $100, but most of them are under $50.

Distressed Jeans: distressed jeans can be worn all year round, so I think they are a staple for the wardrobe any time of the year. But in particular, I like this lighter wash for summer time. I own these jeans and I absolutely love them because they are so soft (and under $100). #winning.

Fringe Cross-body: Because I'm assuming you'll be doing some sort of traveling or heading to a concert. Even though I'm a lover of handbags, there is nothing that I hate more than toting around a huge handbag when I certainly don't need all the goodies inside of it! During the summer, I tend to downsize and just carry the essentials. I pretty much carry a smaller wallet, sun glasses, a lip color/balm, and keys!

Lace-Up Heels: Can I just say I absolutely LOVE these! Pulling two of my favorite trends together into one shoe is brilliant. Yes please and thank you! I picked these out to go with either staple outfit for a dressier look. Since the dress is high-low, you'll be able to show off the lace-up aspect of the heels. Lastly, the color I chose for these items was intentional because it can go with anything, which is super important when you're shopping (and investing) in wardrobe staples.

Denim Jacket: Again, I like the very light wash because I think it can go with the wash of jeans as shown above. As well as with very dark denim. Super versatile for those summer nights that are chilly!

Tank Top: When I refer to staple tank tops, I'm usually looking for a shift tank top. This garment can also be dressed up or down with the right accessories. Word of advice, if you find a great tank top (Last summer I was obsessed with the tanks from LOFT) so I bought them in as many colors as possible. You'll never regret getting lots of variations of a garment that you love!

Simple Dress: A simple dress is imperative to a girls' summer wardrobe because like I stated earlier, it can be dressed up or down. I prefer a dress that is shifty and not form fitting but that is just me! Typically, PA summers are too hot for me so I resort to comfortable dresses. For a casual look, I would simply swap out jewelry and the lace-up heels for the flat sandals shown above.

Hat+Sunglasses: Why I love this hat? It is a great summer staple for a casual look and can also be transitioned into Fall. And sunglasses because..duh! It's summer time and there is bound to be lots of sun! These are beauties and under $50.

Lip Color/Balm: A good lip color is imperative because it pulls an entire look together. During the summer, I liked to make sure the lip product that I am using has SPF which is why I love Fresh lip colors. There are lots of great colors and they make your lips feel like butter, while also protecting them from the sun.

Flat Sandals: Because I'm assuming if you head to a concert that you're probably not going to enjoy it if you're strutting around in heels, right? I always opt for flat (comfy) sandals for concerts simply for the fact that concerts usually last the duration of day/evening. So you might as well be comfortable!

Now that I've explained some of my rationale, what are your favorites? Do you have any staples that are essential to your summer time wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading! xo.