The Thursday 10 | Vol. 3

Hello there! One topic I'm going to tackle soon (after we move) is organization and just how I plan to style/organize our living space. A major update I'll be working on is my desk space. Now that I've been working at home, I've noticed just how important it is to have an inspirational desk space. My current desk space is not too bad, but there are some updates that I'm definitely changing! I own a nice desk with a unit of shelving on top that rests on the desk. It's all black with crystal knobs, it's pretty cute! Like I said, I'll be sharing some photos of a before and after look at my desk. But these are the easy updates I'm planning on doing, and you probably can too! Side note: If your desk is a color you don't love, just paint it! That's what I did and it has completely changed the aesthetic of my cloffice.

1. Swap out your old chair for something new. I plan to swap out Christians College World Series chair for a new desk chair. I am thinking maybe one of these below...

2. Add some accessories to your desk but keep it neat. If you have an extra lamp around or any cute table books, they are the easiest addition. Even if you don't have table books, save your favorite magazines. For me I'll be stacking Vogues until I have a nice collection of table books. Keeping a book or magazine that you love on your desk is super important! When you're in funk or need quick pick me up, take a peek through your favorite book for some inspiration.

3. Make a feature wall behind your desk. It's as easy as printing your favorite images from Pinterest. There are tons of graphics on Pinterest so take advantage of them. You'll need picture frames, so grab some simple white and black (and if you're like me, gold) frames from Target. They're pretty reasonable. Otherwise, my go-to for frames is Home Goods or Marshall's and they always have a pretty decent selection.

4. As your budget permits, add some of these beauties below! I'm obsessed with all of the Kate Spade acrylic desk accessories but it's not always reasonable to spend $30 on a stapler. So a quick fix to make your items feel a little more chic? Glitter them! All you need is glitter and Modge-Podge (I hope I spelled that right)! It is SO easy. But if there is one thing you need, it is this S'well bottle. I live for mine, it keeps my hot beverages hot for 12HRS and my cold beverages chilled for 24HRS. It's a game changer, especially when I'm locked away in my cloffice for a few hours.

Hopefully you agree with me! An inspired work space is necessary so don't let it get dull. Which is your favorite desk accessory? 

Thanks for stopping by!