The Liebster Award

Hello! Last week, Hannah of Cats and Coffee nominated me for the Liebster Award (how cool)! Recently, since I have started blogging full-time I began to feel so overwhelmed. I've been researching and watching webinars in hopes to reach more people who are looking for more style and organization inspiration. The world of blogging is quite large, which has left me feeling a little less than fabulous. However, since Hannah has nominated me I have been so flattered and more driven to get the many tasks of a blog done (and in a timely fashion). Because yes, blogging is very time consuming.

The Liebster Award is an online award sent from one blogger to another. Bloggers nominate fellow bloggers who have a smaller following (less than 2000 followers) and a newer blog (less than one year). Doing so helps build community, recognition for new bloggers, and helps readers to discover new bloggers, along with all of their fabulous content! Once nominated, you list 11 facts about yourself and answer the 11 questions posted by the blogger who nominated you.

Facts about myself:

  1. I'm the youngest and the only girl out of four. It's safe to say that I'm a mama's girl. Love you, Ma!
  2. I strongly dislike driving places. If we're in a car together, then you're driving.
  3. I always receive comments about how beautiful my handwriting is. And I'm left-handed!
  4. I'm naturally very artistic and paint a good bit in my free time, but I am not very good at drawing.
  5. I'm very territorial/protective. I 'claim' my parking space in our apartment complex and throw a fit if someone dares to park in it.
  6. I have somewhat of a photographic memory and I only have to be in a place once to remember the layout.
  7. I have a very good sense of direction and again, I usually only need directions to help me get to a destination once. I'm good after that!
  8. I'm an animal lover. I'm that girl who is always on the ground with dogs, letting them kiss my face. In my spare time, I love to go horseback riding. It is definitely my favorite workout!
  9. I’m very picky about the texture of my food. (I kept this one from Hannah because we have this in common!)
  10. I love mysteries and criminal movies. I'm addicted to "How to get away with murder."
  11. I'm a big nerd. Unlike most people, I really enjoyed homework and projects. I would die for a Fashion Merchandising project now!

Hannah’s questions:

  1. How did you choose your blog’s name? I have this strange obsession with gold so I knew I wanted to incorporate that in some way. When I began my blog it was "Stay Golden," but after a few months I felt like it wasn't right. I wanted a name that represented me and my style/organization adventures, the kind that I would keep in a diary. And viola! The Golden Girl Diary was born.
  2. What is your favorite childhood memory? I don't remember which birthday it was exactly but my parents rented a pony to give pony rides at my birthday party. I thought I was too hot to trot! (literally)
  3. If you could only bring three things on a desert island, what would they be? Hmm, that's tough. I'd have to say a phone (to communicate with Christian), sunblock (I might as well work on my tan), and a good book!
  4. What’s your favorite book? Hands down, the Harry Potter book series. I couldn't pick just one!
  5. What are your favorite “big” blogs? Chronicles of Frivolity, Sequins & Things, and Jillian Harris.
  6. How do you find the energy to maintain a blog? Lots of coffee! As well as lots of play time with my pups and support from Christian.
  7. Do you have any siblings? If so, how many, and what is your birth order? I have three older brothers. Oldest to youngest: Matthew, Justin, Aaron, and then me!
  8. Do you believe in astrology? I do, and I'm a true Leo.
  9. What’s your favorite historical time period to learn about? Hands down the 1920's. Everything from the history to the style intrigues me.
  10. What did you want to be when you grew up? A veterinarian. I've always been interested in helping animals, however I don't quite have the stomach for it!
  11. Do you believe in fate? Absolutely and karma!

Below are my 11 questions for the bloggers I have nominated:

  1. What is your favorite part about blogging?
  2. Do you have any animals? If so, how many and what kind? Names?
  3. What is your greatest strength? weakness?
  4. What is your dream job?
  5. Coffee or tea?
  6. Who are your favorite bloggers?
  7. What are some tips that you could recommend to people interested in starting a blog?
  8. Do you have a full-time job? If so, what do else do you besides blog?
  9. What is your favorite movie?
  10. What is the weirdest thing about you? (Don't be ashamed of your weirdness, we're all pretty weird!)
  11. What is your favorite holiday?

The bloggers I have nominated for the Liebster Award:

  1. Kaili at Unwavering Beauty. Her blog is truly inspirational and allows readers to connect with Religion. I enjoyed the content a lot and the design is also very fitting!
  2. Joyce at Mrs Joyle. Her blog is a newborn and is just a little over a month old! Content varies from lifestyle to beauty to subscription boxes. There's something for every reader!
  3. Tineke from Working Mommy Abroad. Her blog shows the daily struggle of being a mommy abroad. These are some really good reads!
  4. Krista from Design Palm Beach. Okay, so I love this one. All home decor tips and all that are super useful.