The Most Neutral

I'm screaming TGIF this Friday! Which means that I am two sleeps away from Christian returning home from his road trip. Plus, we also have an off day this Thursday so I'm thinking I'll do a post from our adventures of the off day. If you're not familiar with Minor League Baseball, then you probably aren't aware that off days are far and few between. And the weather "seems" to be good for Thursday, but I'm not holding my breath. LOL.

I know I've been preaching neutral colors are the best so I'm not going to bore you. But this outfit is just a simple take on a really neutral look. As I styled this outfit, Christian and I began to shoot. Christian fell in love with it! So I think maybe I'll have to wear it to dinner on our off day. He's really getting quite good a photography and I'm so grateful to have such a supportive boyfriend that supports my dream.

Before I let you go, check out the clutch linked below (in the "GET THE LOOK" section) because it is one of my favorites. I absolutely love Mighty Purse. I have an orange clutch by them and the clutch features a battery pack to charge your phone. So instead of scrambling to charge your phone in the car, you don't have to wait. Just plug in your phone and toss it in the clutch (that you would already be carrying). I literally could not live without mine.

Have a great weekend! Thanks for reading!

PS: If you're interested in the necklaces, they are linked here. Waxing Poetic is a la carte, so you can build your necklace with the chains and charms that you like. If you're local to my hometown of Trooper, PA then head into Designed Treasures to have them help you puttogether a perfect look!

Dress: Here | Shoes: Similar | Necklace: Here, A la carte by Waxing Poetic | Clutch: Similar