A Homebody Halloween

Happy Halloween!

I'm sure most of you had an exhausting weekend filled with halloween activities and parties. So if you're like me (and you're a homebody) then this post is for you! At twenty-five, dressing up for Halloween isn't exactly fun..at least not for me. So I've compiled a few of my favorite Halloween movies for all of the homebodies out there like myself. So go grab some candy for the trick-or-treaters! Or if you're like me go grab your favorite candy so you are all set for your Halloween!

O N E | Hocus Pocus | I feel like I shouldn't even have to say it because it is Halloween in my eyes. You're partner may not be pleased with watching it, but you certainly will be. This is a classic and definitely my favorite!

T W O | The Nightmare Before Christmas | This movie always scared me as a kid and I'm not really sure why. But now, now I love it! 

T H R E E | Halloween | I used to cover my eyes this whole movie and had fears of Michael Meyers being real when I was younger. But any of these are good, just make sure you've got a friend with you in case you do get scared! I'm sure I'll be making Christian take out the dogs with me after we watch it. #sorrynotsorry

F O U R | Casper | This is a good one for the kids, if you have any! And was always one of my favorites when I was a child. I still love it. 

F I V E | Scream | If you're into more of the murder stuff, then I would go for these! They are all pretty good. And if you're more of a comedy lover, then watch the Scary Movies. They line up with the Scream series!

S I X | Real Crime Investigations like: JonBenet Ramsey or Amanda Knox | I'm a sucker for the real crime investigations. The JBR has literally consumed me! I am addicted to it and I just want to know what truly happened. Of course, after all of the documentaries I have my own theory but it is crazy that is still unsolved. We watched the Amanda Knox documentary on Netflix and it was actually very good. 

If you've watched any of my suggestions, which is your favorite? Have you seen any of the documentaries like JBR or Amanda Knox? If so, what are your thoughts? Let me know below!