Hello, hello! This is the first of a many active wear outfits I'll be sharing. Since I've recently become quite obsessed with working out, I've been wearing active wear just as equally as my regular clothes. Thankfully, the baseball life allows me to wear workout clothes during the day (to workout in) and then to get dolled up for the games! It's win, win for a girl like me.

I recently did an Active Wear Haul post that you can check out for a review of all of the garments I wear. For bottoms, I really prefer to wear Lulu Lemon because the fabric is so breathable and always so comfy. For tops and sneakers, I love Under Armour. I find UA products fit my body type best. Plus, I've never really been a fan of Nike. The product offering from UA and Lulu makes achieving the "athleisure" look super easy! See below for some athleisure inspiration. If you have any questions about any of the products discussed, feel free to message me!