Easy Errand Outfit

Hi y'all and Happy Wednesday!

Has this week been super chaotic for anyone else? It's like a domino effect, just one thing after another and after another. Since I'll be running tons of my errands today and tomorrow (we'll be heading to SC for a quick weekend trip!) I thought I'd share one of my go-to errand outfits.

A few things that are essential to great errand outfit: cute + comfy sneaks, faux leather or "wet" leggings, and a (faux) leather jacket. If you already have these three items then you're set, but just in case you don't I've gathered my favorites of each below.

Have a great Wednesday! 


Jacket: Super Old, Replaced by this | Tee: Acemi from Marshall's | Leggings: American Apparel | Shoes: Asics | Tote: c/o The Providence Story